Rochester NY Tile Sales & Design

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Individual Design Consultation

The tile design consultants at Tile Creations by Valerie strive to provide personalized, individual services to help you choose the right tile for you, no matter what your budget. From conception to completion, let our friendly team assist you in choosing the perfect tile.

We also offer in-home design consultation.


Tile Sales

Tile Creations by Valerie is a tile distributor located in Rochester NY, specializing in selling tiles of all types. We offer retail and wholesale tile sales. Whether you need ceramic tile for your bathroom or it’s time to update your kitchen tile backsplash, contact our professionals today for assistance choosing the right products for your needs.

Wholesale Tile Sales

We serve the Greater Monroe County Area with wholesale tile sales. Stop by and learn about our everyday low discount prices. If you are a contractor, architect, designer or homeowner looking to buy quality tile at wholesale prices, call today!

Custom Layout and Design

Our tile experts will help you custom design the layout for your tile project. Don’t feel limited to just one size tile or one medium on your floor and wall. There is an endless selection of patterns to create. Consult with us to learn more.

Colored Grout and Tile Adhesives

Grout is often an overlooked design element. We offer a wide array of grout colors and long lasting caulk and floor tile adhesives to help you achieve the finished look you desire. The details make all the difference!


Sealers protect both interior and exterior installations from discolorations, dirt, stains, mold, and corrosion. We have several types of sealers to choose from depending on the type of tile application.

Types of Tile:

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile

The flooring selection for the way you live. Unlike any other floor and wall covering, tile products provide an unmatched array of design possibilities. It is not just a good way to make your home or office beautiful. Equal to its beauty and longevity, tile adds value, does not require maintenance, is environmentally green and is hypoallergenic. These are some of the many benefits tile has to offer. It is the proper choice for interior and exterior floors and walls. At Tile Creations there is a selection that provides an infinite combination of colors, textures, and shapes to really inspire your artistic side. Don’t have one? We offer complimentary design services.


Marble Tile

Marble tile is a timeless style that is cool, rich and tasteful. Give your home an elegant appeal with marble tile. It is versatile and always unique. Call 585-643-8244 today!

Glass Tile

Glass tile is available in all shapes and sizes from small mosaics used in the arts and crafts era to full-scale commercial installations. Glass tile is used today in modern shapes such as linear and subway to add texture and color to all types of installations. Great for:
  • Backsplash
  • Shower Tile

Natural Stone

The beauty of natural stone is that no two pieces are ever the same. Each piece has its own natural characteristics such as color, veining, and markings, as well as hardness and porosity. Your floor is truly unique and completely individual. A natural stone tile floor begins with giant pieces of stone that are mined from the earth and transported to factories where they are cut into thin slabs. Each slab is different, displaying the effects of the physical course of its ancient history. The slabs are then cut into individual tiles. Depending solely on Mother Nature, and Father Time, each tile cut from the same slab might look completely different from the next. Veining and crystallization may be abundant in one, yet non-existent in another. Appearance may vary from tile to tile, but that only adds to the elegance, charm, and magic of natural stone. It exudes a timely “Presence” in any room. It’s the world’s oldest building material.

Mosaic Tile

For thousands of years, mosaics have been part of interior spaces. Their start can be traced back to primitive man’s simple arrangements of pebbles into patterns, describing a direction or message. The techniques gradually developed through history- from decorative floor and wall surfaces in villas and cathedrals to the modern expression of mosaics as art. Unfortunately, many think of mosaic art as ancient history. But today, it has a real place in contemporary spaces. The art of mosaics is as contemporary as it is historical. Mosaics can be artistic, functional and beautiful. Mosaics can and should regularly be considered in interior design applications to add practical characteristics in wet areas, high-traffic areas or when a statement needs to be made.

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